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Basic Cleaning

Just think of your home in an immaculate, neat and perfect condition. If you can feel the positive energy and vibrations while entering into your own home is a bliss!

My Services India can help you to transform your home into a spotless place at an affordable place.  We thoroughly review your home, develop a strategy to perform the job in removing dirt, sanitising, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning areas that never receive attention.

Our regular cleaning services include: (specific to living room and bed room)

  • Basic Home Cleaning
  • Cobweb removal, Fan cleaning, Windows Glasses, grills, channels cleaning – inside (Outside if
  • safely accessible)
  • Manual floor cleaning
  • Dusting of all Sofa, Mattresses, carpets, and Gadgets
  • Manual clean of Wardrobes, Cabinets (External)
  • Cleaning of Tube lights, fans, Bulbs, Refrigerator, Microwave, Chimney from exterior.
  • Dusting/ vacuuming of the mattress.


  • Clean, disinfect toilets sink/basins and tubs.
  • Bathrooms shelfs, cabinets dusting and wiping
  • Descaling and stain removal from tiles, fittings and floors
  • Remove stains from shower mirrors.


  • Cleaning all kitchen cabinets, racks cleaning – outside surfaces(inside if empty)
  • Scouring your sink, cleaning of chimney and gas, cleaning of counter area.
  • Mopping your floor and removing sticky oil stains and dirt in between tiles.
  • Cleaning of lighting fixtures/ exhaust fans.
  • Chimney cleaning – Degreasing and oil stains removal


  • Wipe dust and stains from appliances
  • Dust all drawers, tables and cabins.
  • All window sills dusted and cleaned.

What doesn’t include?

  • Scrubbing of floor and walls not included (for basic cleaning)
  • Utensils will not be washed