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Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning


Sofa is an important furniture which plays a central role in the living room. It provides comfort to relax and enjoy time with family, friends and relatives. But, over a period of time sofa collects dusts, dirt and grease and soil your sofa.

Regular vacuuming does little to clean your furniture and upholstery fabric. Tough stain and spot cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods in upholsteries. Especially, cleaning sofa’s armrest is tedious. It needs special treatment from specialists like us.  Please, keep in mind that different upholstery needs different treatment.  One size doesn’t fits all! We are master in handling all types of sofas: synthetic, wool, cotton, linen, silk, viscose, organic fiber, suede, plush, chenille, nubuck, leather and acrylic.  Most appropriate cleaning method is applied by our cleaning professionals to make your sofa shiny, bright, nice-smelling and hygienic again and no need to say it improves its life time!

Your sofa provides a cozy, comfortable place to rest, relax and enjoy your time with family, friends, and pets. But, these nice visits also cause your sofa to collect a fair share of both minor and major messes on and in your sofa. Dirt, grease and dust will build up over time and soil your furniture.  Regular vacuuming helps but there comes a time when this no longer fits the bill. As it is used extensively dirt, dust, stain can easily be found on your upholstered furnishings and that will make the appearance of your upholstery old and tired.

We normally start your sofa cleaning service with a small test. Invisible part of your furniture before proceeding will be taken for the test with the complete service. We ensure sofa cleaning is safe for your family and friends.