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Water is one of the primary sources for the contagious diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Dengue and other serious illnesses etc.

Since most of the water tanks are made of cement concrete/ tiled and other plastic materials which can be easily contaminated by algae, bird droppings, vermin and mud water.

Water Tank Cleaning

Be it an overhead water tank or an underground sump we are the experts in removing the impurities and makes fit for storing water.

  • At the first stage, we de-water the entire tank/ sump by using our state of technology pumps and other equipments.
  • In the second stage, use high pressure pumps and brushes to clean the wall of the tanks to remove calcification, algae and all contaminants.
  • In the third stage, we will spray disinfectants, so that the invisible microbiological contamination will also be removed and makes the tank 100% bacteria-free.

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